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Buy Energizing Outdoor Plants in Qatar Online & Greet your Loved Ones

The cutting of big trees due to urbanization or commercialization is a big problem worldwide. Our environment is suffering big time due to this elimination of green plants and trees. As an individual, you can take a step towards saving this planet. How? Start gifting indoor and outdoor plants for home to your friends or relatives on special occasions. Slowly but steadily, there will be a change for sure. If you or your loved ones have some outdoor space like lawn, terrace, or garden, then, buy outdoor plants online from our website.

Snake Plant- You may keep this plant inside and outside your house. It is a sturdy plant and can sustain drought or low-light conditions both. It absorbs all the harmful toxins from the atmosphere and provides you a better air to breathe. Placing it at the entrance of the house would be suggested. If you are thinking of giving Snake plant as a birthday gift for your parents or siblings, buy this outdoor plant online from us.

Peace lily- This plant has shiny gorgeous leaves and they give rise to white flowers. They signify peace and positive energies. Plus, they can sustain low humidity and low light conditions. You can buy this outdoor plant online for a friend or relative on his/her housewarming occasion.

Areca Palm- This is one of those plants whose transpiration rate is very high. In tropical climates of Qatar, this plant would be highly appreciated as a gift for a special occasion like Eid or New Year. This plant will keep the home cooler and healthier.

Orchids flowering plant- As an anniversary gift for your partner or parent, you can buy these orchids flowering plants. The beautiful looking flower and its smell will add more love in life.

Cactus- These belong to the family of succulents and their major USP is that they can retain water like no other plant. Cactus is among the best outdoor plants for home that add more beauty to your outdoor space and you don’t really need to take care of them much as they are quite fuss-free. On Christmas or during Ramadan, you can send these cactus plants to your siblings, best friends, colleagues, or other relatives.

Apart from all these, our collection of outdoor plants for home also include Agalonema plant, ZZ plant, kalanchoe plant, and Anthurium plant too. So, explore our beautiful options and buy plants online in Qatar to impress your loved ones on a variety of special events.

Send Classic & Evergreen Outdoor Plants in Qatar

Outdoor plants add life to the area they are put in. They give a much-needed dose of nature and decorate the space with foliage. So if you are thinking of gifting outdoor plants as a gift, keep thinking and reading us out. Doesn’t matter whether the person has got a green thumb or a black thumb, plants are those peaceful greens that create zen space at home effortlessly. Send outdoor plants online with FNP - your #1 online florist. With a thorough number of florists spread across the country, we can deliver outdoor plants anywhere in Qatar. Moreover, this amazing present will be welcomed by the giftee with open arms. After all, it is highly beneficial in reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and transforming their space into a comfortable, calming haven. Therefore, outdoor plants for home today have become a nice, go-to birthdays, anniversaries as well as housewarming gifts that conveys your heartfelt feelings in a very strong manner. You can choose to top up these plants with chocolates, cakes, greeting cards and personalised gift items. Other than sending outdoor plants, we are also pro at sending and delivering mixed flowers, roses, flowering plants and bouquets for any occasion and celebration. So wait no more and send outdoor plants in Qatar via our gifting portal.

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If you are a plant lover, then, FNP is here with a beautiful and refreshing collection of plants online in Qatar. Just hop onto our website to find out various indoor plants and outdoor plants and place an order soon. There is nothing nobler a gift than plants and that’s why surprise your loved ones on special occasions with our amazing plants. Also as awareness for a greener earth, gifting plants would be a thoughtful idea. For those who own a nice outside space, you can get the delightful outdoor garden plants and add more beauty to their gardens. So, check our website, place an order for outdoor plants in Qatar and get them delivered to the doorstep of your choice. Also, remember that we offer your standard time delivery of these plants along with a healthy and refreshing quality.