Buy Brick-Tastic Lego Cake for Your Fam-Bam

Happen to know someone on your list who worships at the altar of everything Lego? We have got a whole lotta Lego theme cake magic for you to choose from. Treat them to a designer cake that looks exactly like their favourite Lego set and watch them jump with joy. Got a Lego movie or character they're obsessed with? We will print it right onto the cake and bring their favourite things to life. Want something more personalised? With us, you can order a custom Lego theme birthday cake with their name or even a mini Lego figure on top. Just remember to share the details with us! All in all, from Barbie doll cakes to Lego and Avengers-themed cakes, FNP has sorted everything for you. Send now!

FNP.qa for Country-Wide Delivery of Lego Cake

Now that you are well-versed with the kind of Lego cake(s) our website boasts, try our quick delivery services too. Your convenience is our topmost priority and thus we offer options like standard, fixed-time and midnight delivery. If you are a pro and disciplined kind, you will love our standard and fixed-time delivery. As you choose our fixed-time delivery of Lego theme cake, you can choose from a variety of slots according to your surprise. To give them a core memory, take advantage of our midnight delivery service that will spread the magic at 12 AM with the yummiest lego cake. So, shop without any second thoughts!